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The term “peach fuzz” refers to the fine hairs that grow on the surface of the skin. Vellus hair may be removed using a process called dermaplaning, which also exfoliates the skin. It is not the same as dermabrasion, which is a kind of exfoliating the skin using a brush that rotates at a fast speed. For the procedure known as dermaplaning, a scalpel or an instrument known as a dermatome is used.

By exfoliating the skin and exposing healthier, younger skin below, dermaplaning may help improve the look of scars left behind by acne or other skin conditions. Despite the fact that it might make your skin seem years younger, it does not prevent the natural ageing process. Dermaplaning treatment in New Westminster is another kind of hair removal that some individuals choose to pursue. Because your hair will eventually grow back, you should only consider this a short-term solution. The treatment is performed on people’s faces the vast majority of the time, however it may also be done elsewhere on the body.

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