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Laser Hair Removal

Soprano Laser

Soprano is the most complete and effective multiplatform solution for hair removal – for all skin tones and hair types. Serving unwanted bodily hair an eviction notice is not always a simple task. When you consider the wide variety of skin tones and hair types that exist along with other challenges such as long, painful treatments and unpredictable results, it’s easy to get discouraged. However thanks to breakthroughs in research and development at Alma Lasers, Soprano now offers a simple, one-stop solution catering to your specific needs. Whether you have light, dark or even tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, Soprano achieves complete and effective hair and lesion removal that’s safe, quick and best of all – virtually painless. You can return to your normal activities including working out at the gym immediately. Proven safety record including for dark skin.

The Technology:

Each hair and skin type responds best to a specific laser wavelength. Soprano incorporates the benefits of a variety of wavelengths and technologies, providing a customized treatment session for every patient. SHR technology gradually heats the skin to a temperature that effectively damages the hair follicles and prevents hair from growing back. The sweeping In-motion technique keeps the laser in constant motion ensuring full coverage of the treatment area-improving results with shorter treatment times.

Laser Hair Removal Services:


Chin, Upper lip, Sideburns, Full face, Front/Back Neck , Under arms, Upper arms, Lower arms, Full arms, Bikini, Brazilian, French Brazilian, Half legs upper, Half legs lower, Full legs, Abdomen, Full back/ Half back, Buttocks, Full body 


Hairline, Cheeks, Half face, Full face, Half arms, Full arms, Half back/ Full back, Shoulders, Upper arms, Chest, Abdomen,  Neck/Back of neck, Full legs, Full body.

Hair removal made easier:

Shaving, plucking, tweezing, waxing—all are temporary fixes for unwanted hair. With our laser hair removal treatments, you can quickly and easily reduce unwanted hair on your body or face with longer lasting results.

Soprano ICE is a popular laser hair removal system that utilizes advanced technology to provide effective, virtually painless hair removal. It is suitable for a wide range of skin types and hair colors. Here is an overview of the treatment, including what to expect before, during, and after the procedure:
Overview of Soprano ICE
•Technology: The Soprano ICE system uses a diode laser with a unique cooling system to minimize discomfort. The technology combines the benefits of various wavelengths to target hair follicles while protecting the skin.
•Suitability: It is effective on most skin types, including tanned skin, and can treat a wide range of hair colors.

Before Soprano ICE Treatment

•Schedule a consultation with a qualified technician to discuss your skin type, hair color, medical history, and treatment goals.
Avoid Sun Exposure:
•Avoid tanning and direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks before the treatment. Use a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen if you need to be outdoors.
•Shave the treatment area 24 hours before your appointment. Do not wax, pluck, or use hair removal creams for at least 4 weeks prior, as these methods remove the hair root, which the laser targets.
Avoid Certain Products:
•Stop using self-tanning products and skin irritants like retinoids and exfoliants in the treatment area a few days before the session.
•Inform your technician of any medications you are taking, especially those that increase photosensitivity. Follow their guidance on whether to continue or pause these medications.

During Soprano ICE Treatment

•The treatment area will be cleaned, and a cooling gel may be applied to enhance comfort and effectiveness.
•The technician will use the Soprano ICE handpiece to deliver laser pulses to the treatment area. The system’s cooling technology ensures that the skin remains comfortable and protected.
•You may feel a slight warming or tingling sensation, but the procedure is generally well-tolerated due to the cooling mechanism.

After Soprano ICE Treatment

Immediate Care:
•You may experience mild redness or swelling in the treated area, which usually subsides within a few hours to a day.
Sun Protection:
•Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 2 weeks post-treatment and apply a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen regularly.
Avoid Heat:
•Refrain from hot showers, saunas, and intense physical activity for 24-48 hours after the session to prevent irritation.
Skin Care:
•Use gentle skincare products and avoid harsh chemicals or exfoliants in the treated area for a few days.
Hair Shedding:
•Hair in the treated area will gradually shed over the next 1-3 weeks. Do not wax or pluck hair during this time.
Follow-Up Sessions:
•Multiple sessions (usually 6-8) are required for optimal results, spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Your technician will provide a tailored treatment plan based on your needs.

Additional Tips

• Hydration: Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.
•Clothing: Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid irritation in the treated area.
Following these guidelines and the specific instructions given by your technician will help ensure safe and effective results from your Soprano ICE treatment.
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